London Design Festival - Exhibition time!

"As part of The London Design Festival, and in partnership with The Oxo Tower, London, Vitamin presents the second instalment of our annual exhibition-event, Clinic //2!

Presenting immersive artworks, sculptures, experiences, and installations, Clinic //2 explores the diminishing digital interface layer and technology’s effect on our reality. Digital emulation continually strives to become indecipherable from real-world existence. Where does your reality stop and simulation begin?"

Some of my video work will be screened during the event. I'd be more than happy to see you at the opening night!


Sep / 20-24 / 2017

12pm – 11pm: Wed.
12pm – 6pm: Thurs.
12pm – 10pm: Fri.
12pm – 6pm: Sat.
12pm – 6pm: Sun.

 For more information about the event:

Christos Markouexhibition